The Ring Concierge Guide to Eternity Bands

Whether you're searching for the perfect wedding band to complement your engagement ring or you're building a statement stack, here's your guide to eternity bands. Loaded up with diamonds and boasting plenty of sparkle, eternity bands are prized pieces in any jewelry collection. Celebrate your commitment, a special moment, or milestone—or simply treat yourself with this stunning staple that goes with absolutely everything.

Below, we've broken down the five most popular eternity band styles by diamond cut and showcased some of our most-requested designs. Our most popular eternity bands are rounds, emeralds and ovals. For a more unique eternity band, explore radiants and Asschers. As you're becoming acquainted with your options, keep in mind that all Ring Concierge bridal jewelry is made-to-order and customizable. We hand-select each individual stone to create your perfect band. Once you've chosen the diamond cut that best suits your desires and needs, the possibilities are endless. Head below for our straightforward guide to eternity bands.

1. Round Brilliant Eternity Bands

For a classic statement, round brilliant diamond eternity bands offer an unmatched brilliance and are beautiful worn solo or stacked with your engagement ring or other sparkling bands.

Any diamond cut that is not a round brilliant is considered a "fancy shape" diamond. Fancy shape eternity bands are more expensive than rounds due to the fact that each stone has to be matched for color, clarity, and exact measurements and ratio for a cohesive look. Especially for anyone looking to keep within a budget, round brilliant eternity bands make for a beautiful classic choice that's also easier on your wallet. Round brilliant eternity bands are less expensive than other diamond cuts for three main reasons.

First, the round brilliant cut hides color and clarity, meaning diamonds with lower color and clarity grades can be used without compromising the beauty and appeal of the final product. Round brilliants are also perfectly symmetrical, so they are much easier to match for size and look. Finally, there are more round brilliant diamonds of smaller sizes on the market than there are fancy shapes.

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We offer round brilliant eternity bands in a variety of styles. Our classic Round Diamond Eternity Band setting is available in all sizes, colors and qualities. For a more delicate look, our Single Prong Eternity Band is a stunning option that shows off the shape of each round brilliant diamond. Our signature "Wave" and "Scallop" settings offer added style. If you really want to turn up the sparkle, our striking Micropavé Sides Diamond Band catches light at every angle with sides lined in micropavé.

2. Emerald Eternity Bands

Sleek and geometric, emerald eternity bands are a perfect pairing with emerald engagement rings or in a stack with other emerald or Asscher eternities.

Emerald cut eternity bands bring an elegant appeal with their clean design. The unique look of the emerald cut diamond is created by the step cuts of its pavilion and its large, open table. Instead of the sparkle of a brilliant round, emerald cut diamonds produce a hall-of-mirrors effect.

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3. Oval Eternity Bands

Oval eternity bands offer a wider visual spread of each stone for a statement look and maximal sparkle.

Our classic Oval Diamond Eternity Band showcases the brilliance of each stone. For a stylish twist, our Sideways Oval Diamond Band offers an unexpected design that pairs perfectly with our oval cut engagement rings. Go gold with our Sideways Oval Yellow Band.

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4. Radiant Cut Eternity Bands

For something more unique, Radiant Cut Eternity Bands are a striking option that serves up major sparkle.

Like the Emerald Cut, Radiant Cut diamonds have straight edges and cut corners but feature brilliant faceting. Elongated Radiants appear larger than square Radiants and are especially eye-catching in a uniform eternity band.

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5. Asscher Cut Eternity Bands

Similar to our Emerald Cut Eternity Bands, our Asscher Cut Eternity Band delivers a clean, sharp look.

The large step facets, higher crown, and smaller table of our Asscher Cut Eternity Bands allow them to produce more brilliance than their Emerald Cut counterparts. The cropped corners give the Asscher Cut a somewhat octagonal shape.

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6. Antique-Style Eternity Bands

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