A Visual Guide to Diamond Carat Sizes

One of the biggest factors to consider when designing your dream engagement ring is your desired diamond carat size. When allocating your budget, it can be smart to make compromises in certain aspects of cut and clarity to upgrade the size of your center stone. At the end of the day, it will have the most visual impact, whereas some of the details of cut and clarity contribute more to the paperwork than they do to the actual beauty of the diamond. If you're curious about how different carat sizes present themselves in an engagement ring setting, keep scrolling for photos of gorgeous rings in every diamond shape and carat size.

From a striking one carat solitaire to a larger-than-life rock in the double digits, here's a visual guide to diamond carat sizes.

1 carat diamond ring

This 1.2 carat solitaire ring wows on our 'Whisper Thin' setting that makes the diamond the star of the show.

2 carat diamond ring

Adding a halo can really increase the look of the diamond's spread. Add a double halo for twice the wow factor. It's worth noting that going up carat sizes does increase the value of the diamond incrementally. A two carat diamond is worth more than twice as much as a one carat diamond.

3 carat diamond rings

Three carats is our most popular diamond size. The size is flattering on everyone and looks beautiful in the full range of diamond cuts.

4 carat diamond rings

Many of the engagement rings Nicole wears on the Ring Concierge Instagram boast four to five carat diamonds. This four carat radiant with traps is out-of-this-world beautiful.

5 carat diamond rings

Even with a large five carat diamond, you can still dial up the wow factor with a halo.

6 carat diamond ring

7 carat diamond ring

Talk about a statement.

8 carat diamond ring

At eight carats, this oval really spreads.

9 carat diamond ring

One of the most special rings we’ve ever created, this 9 carat cushion has a unique cut (not quite antique, but also not modern) that drew us to it. To shown off this unicorn, we set it in a simple floating micropavé mounting.

10 carat diamond ring

There's nothing subtle about this 10 carat stunner.

11 carat diamond ring

Talk about finger coverage.

25 carat diamond ring

To say this 25 carat engagement ring makes a statement would be an understatement.

Now that you've seen diamonds in a range of carat sizes, explore the diamond shapes everyone should know.