7 Ways to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

When allocating your budget to design the engagement ring of your dreams, there are plenty of ways to increase the ring's wow-factor without going up in carat size (and subsequently, price). If you're wondering how to make your engagement ring look bigger, there are some expert tips and tricks to keep in mind when designing your ring. Choosing the right cut and setting can yield some impactful results, giving you an impressive ring well within your budget but looking like you splurged.

Below we've outlined seven ways you can make your engagement ring look bigger and get the most bling for your buck.

1. Opt for oval

If you want your diamond to appear larger—and simultaneously cut costs—an oval cut is your best bet. Ovals are less expensive than round diamonds, meaning you can increase the size of your stone (and get as much as 0.20 carats more) for the same price.

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2. Consider the spread, not just the carat

Not only are ovals less expensive than rounds, but the shape of oval diamonds also gives the illusion of them being larger. An oval cut diamond will have a greater spread than a round cut diamond of the identical carat weight.

3. Choose a slim band

The wider the band of the engagement ring, the smaller the diamond will look. Conversely, the thinner the band, the larger and more impressive the diamond will appear. For that reason, one of our most popular styles is the Whisper Thin® engagement ring. A delicate band really lets your diamond's brilliance and sparkle take center stage, while also making it look bigger.

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4. Stick with platinum prongs

Even if you're choosing to go with a yellow gold band, you should go with platinum prongs if you want your diamond to appear larger. This is because the platinum color blends with the diamond rather than reflecting the gold color—a trick we use with our Whisper Thin® setting to maximize impact.

5. Four prongs are better than six

Fewer prongs mean less of the diamond is obstructed by the setting, allowing you to see more of the stone—making it appear larger—and also allowing more light to enter and enhance its sparkle. Traditionally, many rings featured six prongs, which had the tendency to overpower the diamond, but the more streamlined four-pronged setting is coming into favor. Not only is the look cleaner and more modern, but it lets the diamond to be the star of the show.

6. Choose a halo setting

Opting for a halo can also make a diamond appear larger, as it increases the diameter and adds plenty of extra sparkle by way of pavé. 

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7. Keep it clean

A diamond's sparkle is a major contributor to not only how impressive it looks, but also how big it appears. Dirty diamonds look dull and consequently smaller and less radiant. Cleaning your engagement ring regularly is one of the easiest ways to ensure it looks beautiful—and as big as possible.

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