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Diamond Shape



Carat Weight

Carat corresponds with the diamond’s weight, but keep in mind certain shapes tend to appear larger than others, like Rounds, Ovals, and Pears. Also, be sure to check the diamond's length and width mm measurements, which also impact how large the diamond appears.


Diamonds are graded on their absence of color, with D-F being completely colorless. Colorless diamonds are very rare, resulting in a higher price point. Because it can be extremely difficult to detect the difference between a colorless and a near-colorless diamond, we recommend opting for a near colorless diamond that optimizes price and carat weight without sacrificing beauty!

  • Colorless

    D - F

  • Near Colorless

    G - J

  • Faint Color

    K - L


As diamonds are forming, they develop natural birthmarks called inclusions. We recommend a clarity grade of SI1 to VS1 for the best value - these will have few to no visible inclusions to the naked eye, and no effect on the beauty of your diamond.

  • Flawless

    FL - IF

  • Very Very Slightly Included

    VVS1 - VVS2

  • Very Slightly Included

    VS1 - VS2

  • Slightly Included

    SI1 - SI2

Cut Precision

Only round diamonds receive a GIA cut grade, which is based on the proportion and craftsmanship of the diamond. Because the precision of cut directly impacts how well a diamond sparkles, Ring Concierge only offers excellent cut diamonds.

  • Too Deep

  • Too Shallow

  • Excellent


Fluorescence refers to the intensity of a colored glow (usually blue) that is visible when a diamond is exposed to UV light. In some instances, diamonds with strong fluorescence may look milky and oily in daylight. In order to not interfere with your chosen diamond, RC doesn’t offer diamonds with strong fluorescence.

L:W Ratio

Length-to-width ratio applies to fancy-shaped diamonds (Oval, Radiant, Emerald, Marquise, Cushion, Pear); comparing the length to its width to show how elongated a diamond appears. Ratio is a matter of personal preference with some preferring a more elongated shape and others a more equal or square shape.

Ex. An emerald cut diamond that measures 5.82mm long x 4.41mm wide has a ratio of 1.32 (5.82 divided by 4.41).

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