• Diamond Type
  • Shape
  • Carat
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Measurements (MM)
  • Depth %
  • Table %
  • Polish
    The overall smoothness and condition of the diamond’s surface. A well polished diamond produces crisp reflections and maximized light transmission.
  • Symmetry
    The exactness of shape and alignment of individual facets. A diamond with excellent symmetry will have beautiful brilliance.
  • Fluorescence
    A diamond's fluorescence grade refers to the intensity of the diamond’s reaction to UV light (like black light). The GIA conducted a study which concluded that none to medium fluorescence has no negative impact on a diamond's appearance, which is why we only work with none-medium fluorescence grades. This study also found that some fluorescence can make IJK color diamonds appear whiter.

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