9 Unique Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride

Your engagement ring is one of the most personal pieces of jewelry you'll ever wear. It should be something you absolutely love, that makes you smile every time you see it, and shows off your personal style. For brides-to-be looking for unique engagement rings, breaking away from traditional settings in favor of something more innovative is the first step in creating a special ring that speaks to you.

All Ring Concierge bridal jewelry is made-to-order so you design the ring of your dreams down to every last detail. To serve up some inspiration, we've lined up extraordinary out-of-the-box ideas that really make a ring stand out from its classic counterparts.

Here are nine unique engagement rings for the non-traditional bride.

1. Double Band Engagement Ring

Put a modern spin on the timeless solitaire with two parallel pavé bands.

2. Sideways Oval Engagement Ring

Oval cut diamonds are almost always set North-South so this unexpected East-West iteration demands a double-take.

3. Floating Engagement Ring

Originally designed for Victoria's Secret model Devon Windsor, this distinctive setting features an oval-cut diamond that "floats" about an entirely pavé band.

4. Pink Diamond Pave Band Engagement Ring

For lovers of color, incorporating colored diamonds or other gemstones is a beautiful way to make a ring yours. This ring features pink diamonds set in a rose gold band. We keep the prongs platinum so as not to distract from the radiant-cut stone.

5. Bezel Set Engagement Ring

A little retro but certainly not old-fashioned, a bezel set engagement ring is a gorgeous alternative to a traditional four-prong solitaire.

Old European Cut Bezel Set Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge

6. Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

This eye-catching yellow emerald-cut diamond stands out in any crowd.

7. Sideways Marquise Engagement Ring

Another sideways stunner, this east-west marquise engagement ring is equal parts unexpected and elegant.

8. Yellow Old Mine Bezel Engagement Ring

This bezel setting boasts a yellow diamond for double the wow factor.

9. Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

Opt for a blue diamond for a truly special ring.

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