3 Types of Cushion Cut Diamonds to Know

The epitome of understated romance, the cushion cut diamond is a timeless choice for an engagement ring. With their softened square or rectangular shape and eye-catching brilliance, they offer a classic look with old world charm. It's no surprise that cushions have risen in popularity. Karlie Kloss, Gabrielle Union and Kayla Itsines are just a few of the celebrities who rock this diamond cut.

Cushions hide inclusions very well and are known for their soft, pillow-like shape. While generally less brilliant than round brilliant diamonds, cushion cut diamonds often have better fire, which is part of their appeal. The standards for cushion cut diamonds vary more than most other shapes and personal taste will dictate choice. They are also one of the few diamonds with so many variations. There are three main types of cushion cut diamonds: Old Mine cut antique cushion, cushion modified and cushion brilliant.

Head below to learn more about three types of cushion cuts.

Old Mine Cut Antique Cushion

Also called the "Miner Cut," Old Mine cut diamonds are the precursors to today’s cushion cut stones. This was the primary shape used in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. They are very rare and vary in look.

Cushion Modified

The most prevalent modern cushion is called a cushion modified and has an extra row of facets, giving it a crushed iced appearance.

Cushion Brilliant

Compared to its modified counterpart, the cushion brilliant is rarer and for this reason there is generally a premium on them. The cushion brilliant has larger, fewer facets and sparkles more similarly to a round brilliant. The requested shape is elongated, with a 1.10-1.25 length to width, however personal preference should dictate choice.

Old Mine Cut Antique Cushion vs. Modern Cushion

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