Mixing Metals in Your Bridal Stack: Rules for the Modern Woman

The rules of styling bridal jewelry are changing. Traditionally it's been the norm to choose a wedding band that matches your engagement ring—a uniform metal, identical band thickness, and even coordinating diamond detailing. Now, more and more brides are dancing to the beat of their own drum, choosing engagement ring and wedding band pairings that are less matchy-matchy and more reflective of their personal style. Platinum looks just as good sitting above a gold or rose gold band. “This is a huge trend right now," notes Nicole. "Many of our clients purchase stackable bands in all three colors, so depending upon the jewelry they are wearing any given day, they can mix and match accordingly.” Here's how to create a mixed metal engagement ring wedding band pairing that works.

1. Do what you want

You're the one wearing the jewelry, so if you're feeling the look of your mixed-metal bridal stack, then wear it proudly. There are no hard-set rules for mixing metals with your engagement ring and wedding band, except that it should please you when you look at it. The following rules are just style tips that can help bring the look together.


2. Search for subtle similarities

If you want a ring and band pairing that isn't matchy-matchy but doesn't clash, look for the subtle similarities that will make the two work as a cohesive unit. The rounded edges of our Old European Cut Bezel Set Engagement Ring are reflected (with plenty of added pavé) in our Triple Row Pavé Band. The two pieces are strikingly different, yet their common curvature make them twice as beautiful when worn together.


3. Play with shapes

One of the coolest things about modern wedding bands is that they offer up plenty of shapes to play around with in your stack. Gone are the days when a straightforward band is the unquestioned standard for your wedding ring. Among our unique wedding bands, we have a criss-cross band that looks great with engagement ring settings with a longer center stone—like ovals or elongated cushions. Play around with shapes that work harmoniously when layered on top of one another.


4. Consider color

Even though you're not matching metals, it's doesn't mean that color can't play a big part in bringing the total look together. Our yellow radiant cut band looks gorgeous when paired with engagement ring featuring yellow gold bands—especially those adorned with pavé diamonds.


5. Choose one identical element

Not only does the below pairing play with shapes in a lovely way, but the coordinating diamond pavé on each band brings the look together—even though they're set in different colors of gold.


6. Stick to a mood

While sticking to similar style (vintage-inspired or modern, for example) can help unify the stack, picking a mood may be a more liberating way to style. If you think of your engagement ring as delicate, picking a band that gives off a similar vibe can be an effective approach. If you consider your ring to be clean and crisp, a band that resonates that same straightforward aesthetic might be its mate.


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