How to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring will likely be one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry you ever own—and certainly the most special. To ensure your precious investment stays as sparkling and beautiful as it did on the day you said "yes," we've outlined how to take care of your engagement ring—from the very first thing you should do with your engagement ring to general daily care tips. Head below for our top five tips for caring for your engagement ring.

1. Get it insured

The very first thing you should do to protect your new engagement ring is get it insured. We recommend Jewelers Mutual for a stand-alone jewelry policy.

2. Keep it clean

Properly cleaning your engagement ring not only enhances its sparkle, but it can reduce the risk of damage and wear over time. Wondering just how often to clean your engagement ring? At Ring Concierge, we recommend doing a gentle at-home cleaning yourself about twice a month as needed.

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4. Check the prongs and setting

When you take your ring in to get it professionally cleaned, they will also inspect it to make sure the prongs are secure and the setting hasn't become uneven or loose. This is also something you can, and should, keep an eye on yourself between appointments.

3. Remove your ring before certain activities

We can't emphasize enough how important it is to not wear your engagement ring 24/7. You probably already know it's advised to remove your ring before engaging in strenuous activities like working out, but even activities like cleaning your home—where your ring could come in contact with hard surfaces and harsh chemicals—are times to stow your ring away in a safe place. It's also important to remove your ring before any beauty rituals such as showering or applying moisturizer.

5. Safely store your ring

Giving your ring a safe home will prevent you from damaging or losing it. Especially if you need to remove your ring regularly when performing the activities listed above, it's a good idea to have a safe place to store it. It can be helpful to have ring dishes throughout your home in locations where you're likely to remove your ring such as in your bathroom or by your bedside.

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