Popping the Question? 6 Ways to Figure Out Which Ring She Wants

So you're ready to pop the question. The next step is finding the perfect ring to celebrate your love and commitment. There are several factors to consider when designing a dream ring for your bride-to-be. What metal—yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum—most suits her aesthetic and lifestyle? Which engagement ring setting best complements her personal style? What diamond shape does she love most? If you're wondering how to figure out which ring she wants, we've outlined a handful of ways to do some investigating. Keep scrolling to learn how to find out which engagement ring she wants.

Ask the women closest to her

Chances are she's confided in someone close to her about what engagement ring style she loves most. She may have even designated her best friend, sister, or mother to relay the exact features—diamond cut, metal, setting—she hopes to see when you get down on one knee. Reach out to the loved one you most suspect might have this intel and swear them to secrecy. They may have a general idea of what most excites her—"she loves ovals"—or they may even know precisely which ring she wants—"a Ring Concierge Whisper Thin™."

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Take a peek at her Pinterest

If your partner is on Pinterest, it's worth browsing her boards to see if she might have pinned photos of her dream ring. If you're lucky, she'll have pinned multiple photos of the same ring style. If there are multiple engagement ring styles that have made it onto her Pinterest board, take note of the common features that keep coming up. Are the rings always the same diamond cut or metal? Does she prefer rings with lots and lots of pavé?

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Consider her style

You know your partner better than anyone. Consider what types of things she gravitates toward in other realms of design and fashion. Do her fashion choices lean more bohemian? Is her wardrobe a collection of cool vintage finds? Perhaps an antique-inspired engagement ring is exactly what she's looking for. Is her style pared-back and minimalist? She'll likely want a ring in line with this aesthetic—understated with a clean design.

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Take a cue from her other jewelry

Start paying attention to the jewelry pieces she already owns. Are her favorite pieces sleek and simple or does she love lots of detail and plenty of sparkle? Does she wear exclusively gold pieces? She'll likely want an engagement ring that matches the rest of her lineup.

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Pay attention

If you've begun discussing marriage, it's possible that she's also begun dropping hints about what she has in mind for her engagement ring. Pay attention to what she says whenever the subject comes up (does she gush about how much she loves her friend's new cushion-cut stunner?).

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Ask her

If you're at a complete loss, there's nothing wrong with asking her what she wants for her engagement ring. You can approach it more casually by simply asking her about different components at different times, checking off metal, diamond cut, et cetera, one at a time. Or you can start the ring designing process together—the proposal can still be a complete surprise.

Once you've figured out what engagement ring she wants, here's how to find out her ring size (without asking)