15 Evil Eye Jewelry Pieces for Endless Good Vibes

Summer may be over, but one summer trend that's not leaving us any time soon is evil eye jewelry. Evil eye designs—with their striking blues and contrasting spheres—on talismans and jewelry are believed to ward off negative energy and bring the wearer good luck. The very first evil eye was recorded in Mesopotamia some 5000 years ago and the figure has appeared in Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu societies.

Today, the iconic evil eye can be found in a number of cultures and has made a resurgence as a jewelry trend this past year. Hollywood jeweler Lorraine Schwartz—who counts Kim Kardashian West and Blake Lively among her clients—released a collection of evil eye bangles earlier this year. 2018 saw evil eyes pop up in the wrists and fingers of It girls all over, in bright sparkling blue sapphires and punchy hues of turquoise. Here we've rounded up seven of our favorite evil eye jewelry pieces to continue bringing good vibes and keeping bad energy at bay all year long.

evil eye ring
Ring Concierge
Cutout Evil Eye Ring ($485)

11 blue sapphires make this evil eye ring a truly stunning piece.


evil eye bracelet
Ring Concierge
Diamond and Turquoise Evil Eye Bracelet ($1250)

Bright shocks of turquoise add the perfect pop of playful color.

cut-out evil eye necklace

Ring Concierge Cut-Out Evil Eye Necklace ($625)

Our newest evil eye piece makes a sparkling statement.

evil eye stud earrings

Liven Petite Evil Eye Studs ($398)

These tiny studs are a subtle way to work the trend.

cutout evil eye bracelet
Ring Concierge
Sapphire and Diamond Cutout Evil Eye Bracelet ($648)

Turn heads with this beautiful twist on the classic evil eye bracelet.


evil eye necklace
Ring Concierge
Diamond and Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace ($798)

Surround yourself with positive vibes with 78 white diamonds, 54 blue sapphires, and one black diamond in this eye-catching design.

diamond evil eye ring

Ring Concierge Cut-Out Evil Eye Diamond Ring ($298)

This clean, simple design is a gorgeous play on the evil eye without the blue hue.



evil eye studs
Ring Concierge
Diamond and Sapphire Evil Eye Studs ($598)

These pretty studs offer protection from negative energy.



blinking evil eye necklace

Ring Concierge Blinking Lash Necklace ($475)

A set of lashes make this evil eye necklace modern and playful.

evil eye bracelet

Liven Evil Eye Bracelet ($475)

Ward off bad energy straight from your wrist stack.

evil eye diamond sapphire ring

Ring Concierge Diamond & Sapphire Evil Eye Ring ($730)

Pair this stunner with its coordinating necklace or rock it solo.

evil eye lariat

Ring Concierge Evil Eye Bezel Lariat ($915)

Go the unexpected route with this unique evil eye lariat design.

evil eye black white ring

Ring Concierge Mother of Pearl Evil Eye Ring ($320)

This black-and-white take on the evil eye is striking with its mother of pearl construction.

evil eye anklet
Ring Concierge
Evil Eye Anklet ($198)

For a little unexpected bling, this evil eye anklet adds just the right touch.

evil eye cutout necklace

Ring Concierge Evil Eye Cutout Necklace ($348)

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