Engagement Ring FAQ

Buying an engagement ring is no easy task. There are a lot of questions that arise during the process. We've created Bling 101, a blog dedicated to answering your questions about all things jewelry—especially engagement rings. Scroll through our Engagement Ring FAQ lineup to find the answers to your most burning engagement ring questions. Click through the links for stories that explore each topic even further.

When it comes to designing an engagement ring, one of the most important things to consider is the diamond shape—or cut. Choosing the perfect diamond shape comes down to personal taste, but there are certain pros and cons that come with each cut that may sway your opinion. Click the question for the 101 on diamond shapes, outlining everything you need to know about each.






Old Mine

Old Euro






While we're always on board with playing with current trends, breaking away from tradition and upturning the status quo, sometimes a classic engagement ring is just what the doctor ordered. For the bride-to-be who wants something undeniably timeless and untouched by any of-the-moment trend, here are four classic engagement ring settings that have stood the test of time.




What are your most popular engagement ring styles?

When allocating your budget to design the engagement ring of your dreams, there are plenty of ways to increase the ring's wow-factor without going up in carat size (and subsequently, price). Choosing the right cut and setting can yield some impactful results, giving you an impressive ring well within your budget but looking like you splurged. Click the question to see seven ways you can make your engagement ring look bigger and get the most bling for your buck.

When deciding how much to spend on an engagement ring, it really comes down to a handful of factors, not one simple rule (as has become a myth over the years). There's no clear-cut answer, but rather a series of personal considerations you should make to figure out what will be best for you and your partner.

Some things to consider:

  1. Don't rely on the outdated "two-month's salary" rule
  2. Understand her expectations
  3. Shop smartly

9 Expert Tips

  1. Avoid round-cut engagement rings
  2. Avoid popular shapes
  3. Limit micropavé
  4. Go for G color
  5. Don't fear the flourescence
  6. Buy shy of the carat
  7. Avoid three-stone rings
  8. Make the most of measurements
  9. Know your diamond Cut grades

When buying an engagement ring, there are a handful of ways you can cut costs without compromising on the quality or beauty of the ring. By shopping smartly, it's possible to design the engagement ring of your dreams without breaking the bank. From choosing the right setting to knowing exactly what to look for in diamond color, you can ensure you're allocating your budget wisely and ultimately getting the most bling for your buck. Click the question for more details on exactly how to save money on an engagement ring.

Surprise proposals are certainly romantic, but when it comes to such a monumental purchase as an engagement ring, it can be wise to have both partners on board in the decision-making process. For women who want to be involved in the design and leave nothing to chance, engagement ring shopping together can be the best move. Even if the ring itself might not be a mystery when it comes time to pop the question, it's guaranteed to wow—and be something she's sure to love for life. Click the question for five things to know before engagement ring shopping with your partner.

To ensure your proposal remains under wraps, here's how to get your partner's ring size without asking:

  1. Borrow one of her rings
  2. Trace it
  3. Phone a friend
  4. Put a string on it
  5. Use a ring sizing gauge
  6. Hold her hand
  7. Use some guesswork
  8. Err on the larger side


So you're ready to pop the question and now all you need is an engagement ring to deliver the perfect proposal. In addition to knowing your partner's preferences when it comes to her future ring (gold or platinum? Side stones or pavé?), one major piece of information that's pertinent to have is her ring size. However, asking her straight-out would ruin any chances of a surprise proposal. If you intend on popping the question as a surprise, you'll have to determine her ring size without her suspecting anything.

You've just said "yes" to one of the biggest questions of your life. Now you plan on sharing the momentous moments with friends and family with a beautiful pic of your engagement ring. If you're ready to take an engagement ring selfie that does your new number justice, we've put together a list of tips straight from Nicole to ensure you snap the perfect picture every time. Click the question for more.

Find Your Light
Remember Good Skin Is In
Nail It

While the engagement ring may take all the fanfare in terms of bridal jewelry, the wedding band is the piece you'll probably spend the most time wearing post-nuptials. It's important to find a ring that complements not only your engagement ring but also your lifestyle and changing tastes. There's a lot to consider when making the purchase, so click the question for expert tips on choosing your wedding band.

Popping the question is stressful enough without the worry of whether the ring will fit—but if you're surprising her with the proposal, it's a risk you take. Luckily, it's perfectly normal—and not painstakingly difficult—to resize a ring after the fact. Click the question for some engagement ring resizing tips to keep in mind.

Hot Tip

If you’re in New York City, you can arrange to drop off your Ring Concierge ring to be resized directly with your consultant during our office hours.

Chances are you can—and should—be cleaning your engagement ring more often than you think.

Every other week. If you wear your engagement ring daily, a quick, gentle cleaning every other week is enough maintenance to restore its sparkle and keep bacteria at bay.

Once a month. Once a month, it’s worth spending some extra time on a more thorough cleaning.

Twice a year. Every six months it’s recommended to take your ring in for a professional cleaning and inspection.

Show your engagement ring love—and maintain its sparkle—by keeping it in tip-top shape. Dish soap, shampoo, and lotions can build up on your engagement ring, and everyday activities like holding your phone can trap dirt and grime, dimming the diamond's sparkle and compromising its beauty. To make matters worse, unkept jewelry can become a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to discoloration and degradation of the metals and even scratches on the stones (not to mention unsightly skin irritations).