The Best Three-Stone Engagement Rings: Emerald Cut With Trapezoid Side Stones

Only three percent of the world's diamonds are emerald cut, making them a rare and distinctive choice. If you choose an emerald-cut diamond for your engagement ring, you want to showcase it in a setting that matches the high quality of your diamond and highlights its unique rectangular facets and clean lines. One of all-time favorite three-stone engagement rings is an emerald cut with trapezoids.

Our Emerald Cut Trapezoid Side Stone Engagement Ring features an emerald-cut center stone and trapezoid side stones. The trapezoids (or "traps," as we like to call them) visually add to the spread of the center stone without distracting from its beauty. Because the best emerald-cut diamonds boast an eye-clean clarity grade because their long, open facets don't conceal imperfections, you want to be sure that your setting doesn't overshadow the diamond's quality.

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