Classic Engagement Ring Styles That Have Stood the Test of Time

Every year, we see a new slew of jewelry trends, even when it comes to engagement rings. While we're always on board with playing with current trends, breaking away from tradition and upturning the status quo, sometimes a classic engagement ring is just what the doctor ordered. Be it a simple (yet striking) solitaire or a more intricate design that pays homage to an earlier time, these classic engagement ring styles are a surefire way to make a statement without risking the chance of ever becoming dated or passé. For the bride-to-be who wants something undeniably timeless and untouched by any of-the-moment trend, here are four classic engagement ring settings that have stood the test of time.

1. Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire engagement rings may be the simplest setting, but the impression they make is anything but. A clean band—especially one that is barely-there, like our 'Whisper Thin' setting—allows the diamond to take center stage, really showcasing its splendor.

Celebrities with solitaire engagement rings: Michelle Obama, Keira Knightley, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hailey Baldwin, Elle Macpherson

Bridal Engagement Rings The 'Whisper Thin' Engagement Ring

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Oval with Pave Band Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge
'Whisper Thin' with Hidden Halo - Ring Concierge
Emerald Cut Pave Band Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge

2. Three-Stone Engagement Ring

For those seeking a little more bling, three-stone engagement ring are a gorgeous way to add some sparkle. There are so many different combinations of cuts to play with that, though classic, your engagement ring with side stones can be completely unique.

Celebrities with three-stone engagement rings: Meghan Markle, Amal Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Gisele Bündchen

Emerald Cut Trapezoid Side Stone Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge

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Bridal Engagement Rings Whisper Thin 3 Stone Round Engagement Ring
Oval with Petite Pear Side Stones Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge
Bridal Engagement Rings Round with Bullet Side Stone Engagement Ring

3 .Halo Engagement Ring

For women who really love sparkle, halo engagement rings make a stunning choice. A micro-pavé halo encircling the center stone immediately gives the illusion of a larger diamond.

Celebrities with halo engagement rings: Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge

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Oval Halo Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge
Bridal Engagement Rings Triple Row Pavé Halo Engagement Ring
Bridal Engagement Rings Radiant Halo Engagement Ring

4. Antique Engagement Rings

Vintage-inspired engagement rings—especially those that feature antique diamonds like an Old Mine or European cut center stone—make for some of the most breathtaking statements.

Celebrities with vintage-inspired engagement rings: Penelope Cruz, Emily Blunt, Pippa Middleton, Olivia Wilde, Mary-Kate Olsen, Miranda Kerr, Behati Prinsloo

Bridal Engagement Rings The 'Signature Antique' Engagement Ring

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Old European Cut with Tapered Baguettes Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge
Old European Cut Bezel Set Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge
Bridal Engagement Rings The 'Polina' Engagement Ring

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