12 Best Oval-Cut Engagement Rings for Every Style

Ovals are one of our most requested engagement ring center stones. They've seen a surge in popularity as of late, with celebrities like Blake Lively and Hailey Bieber rocking the style. About 30% of our clients request oval-cut diamonds because of how big the shape spreads and how flattering it is on the finger due to its lengthening effect.

The best oval-cut engagement rings boast a balanced length-to-width ratio that elongates the finger while still providing enough width to ensure a beautiful spread that showcases the brilliance of the diamond. Oval engagement rings are especially striking in solitaire settings but are also beautiful with side stones and pavé detailing—especially hidden halos like Devon Windor's custom Floating Oval Engagement Ring.

Below we've rounded up 12 of the best oval-cut engagement ring styles with something to suit every style.

1. Whisper Thin™ with Oval

An oval-cut diamond stands out in a major way against our barely-there Whisper Thin® band.

2. Oval with Petite Pear Side Stones Engagement Ring

Pear side stones are a super flattering accompaniment to a striking oval.

3. The 'Devon' Floating Oval Engagement Ring

Originally designed for Victoria's Secret model Devon Windsor, this distinctive setting features an oval-cut diamond that "floats" above an entirely pavé band.

4. Oval with Halo and Split Shank Engagement Ring

Pavé diamonds stand out against rose gold in this oval halo design featuring a split shank for twice as much sparkle.

5. Oval with Petite Tapered Baguette Side Stones

If you want side stones that don't distract too much from the shape of the oval, opt for baguette-cut diamonds that almost blend into the band.

6. Oval Halo Engagement Ring

Pavé diamonds encircle the oval and line the band for a sparkly statement.

7. Whisper Thin™ with Pavé

For something more subtle, pavé diamonds around the band alone add a delicate touch.

8. Oval with Oval Side Stones Engagement Ring

For those who really love ovals, enhancing the center stone with oval side stones makes for a dramatic finish that really wows.

9. Sapphire Oval with Side Stones Engagement Ring

An oval-cut sapphire is a beautiful alternative to the diamond and just as timeless.

10. Oval with Epaulette Side Stones Engagement Ring

Epaulette side stones broaden the width of the oval and the illusion of spread.

Put a modern spin on the timeless solitaire with two parallel pavé bands.

11. Oval Double Band Engagement Ring

Sideways Oval with Pavé Band Engagement Ring

Oval cut diamonds are almost always set North-South so this unexpected East-West iteration demands a double-take.

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