The Best Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings Share This One Quality

Emerald-cut engagement rings have long been a favorite and their popularity only continues to rise with celebrities like Beyoncé, Amal Clooney, and Kim Kardashian rocking the style. They're the perfect choice for women who appreciate clean, straightforward design (but don't want to compromise on making a statement).

Emerald cuts stand out from their diamond counterparts with unique rectangular facets and clean lines. Furthermore, only 3% of the world's diamonds are emerald cut, making them a rare and distinctive choice. Only high-quality diamonds should be used to create an emerald-cut engagement ring, as the clean, straight cuts mean that inclusions are more visible. The best emerald-cut engagement rings boast an eye-clean clarity grade because their long, open facets don't conceal imperfections.

Not only does the geometric design of emerald-cut diamonds make a distinctive statement, but the linear nature of the cut makes the diamond appear larger than its actual carat size and also has a flattering effect, making the hand look long and lean.

Emeralds vary in how rectangular they are, depending on their length-to-width ratio. Emerald-cut engagement rings look especially gorgeous with side stones. For something more modern, an emerald solitaire stands out against a sparkling pavé band or a fashion-forward split shank. Head below for the five best emerald-cut engagement ring styles.

Trapezoid side stones are one of our favorite ways to set emerald-cut engagement rings.

To really show off the cut of the emerald-cut diamond, try pairing it with a thin pavé band.

Tapered baguette side stones give extra bling without detracting from your gorgeous emerald-cut center stone.

If you're really looking to make a statement, opt for a yellow diamond that is sure to turn heads.

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