5 Vintage-Style Engagement Rings Boasting Beautiful Antique Diamonds

At Ring Concierge, we love the incomparable beauty of antique diamonds. Their larger faceting gives them greater scintillation and fiery sparkle (especially in dim lighting as they were cut with candlelight in mind), making them decidedly romantic. We love refreshing our antique diamonds with streamlined, delicate settings that showcase the unique center stone. Our collection of vintage-style engagement rings featuring antique diamonds boasts Ring Concierge's distinctive aesthetic—clean designs that are equal parts fashion-forward and timeless, editing out unnecessary flourishes and painstakingly perfecting every last detail to make the center-stone antique diamond the star of the show.

Keep scrolling to see our lineup of vintage-style engagement rings that balance old world beauty with clean modern touches.

The 'Signature Antique' Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge

It doesn't get more romantic than this. The setting of Nicole's very own engagement ring, Our Signature Antique™ boasts an Edwardian style mounting that delicately displays the beauty of the diamond.

The ‘Victoria' Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge

The Victoria also features an antique-style setting with more modern edges than our Signature Antique™.

Antique Cushion Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge

For something even more delicate—that also turns up the sparkle—this setting emphasizes the beauty of the antique cushion-cut diamond with a barely-there band bedecked in pavé.

Old Mine Cut with Bullet Side Stones Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge

Bullet side stones perfectly complement the larger facets of the Old Mine cut diamond, increasing the look of the spread on this eye-catching engagement ring.

Old European Cut Bezel Set Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge

This unexpected setting puts a modern twist on the antique diamond, while still nodding to an earlier time. The wrapped bezel draws the attention right to the glistening diamond. This striking style is perfect for the bride who wants something distinctive and daring that will never go out of style.

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