17 September Birthstone Jewelry Gift Ideas

When gift shopping for that special someone who was born in September, jewelry—boasting her birthstone, no less—is always a safe bet. Blue sapphires are a gorgeous statement for any occasion and work just as effortlessly for everyday wear. Be it timeless eternity bands or trendy chain rings, gold medallions boasting sapphire stones or a pair of statement studs, these September birthstone jewelry ideas make a beautiful addition to any collection. Keep scrolling to find 17 perfect sapphire pieces that make for the perfect gift.

blue sapphire chain ring

Yi Collection Blue Sapphire Chain Ring ($195)


sapphire hamsa ring
Ring Concierge
Diamond + Sapphire Hamsa Ring ($398)

pearl sapphire earrings

Kelly Bello Pearl and Stone Studs ($240)

sapphire pendant necklace
St. Benedict Medallion ($550)

sapphire baguette ring

My Story Julia Gemstone Baguette Ring ($1190)


sapphire evil eye necklace

Ring Concierge Diamond and Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace ($798)

sapphire eternity band

Ring Concierge Black Gold Eternity Band With Sapphires ($698)

sapphire stud earrings
Eden Presley Three Round Stone Studs ($220)

sapphire bar necklace
My Story
Bethany Gemstone Necklace With Sapphire ($860)

sapphire heart necklace

Ring Concierge Sapphire and Diamond Heart Necklace ($558)


light blue sapphire chain ring

Yi Collection Sky Blue Sapphire Chain Ring ($195)

sapphire evil eye bracelet

Ring Concierge Sapphire and Diamond Cutout Evil Eye Bracelet ($648)

sapphire pendant necklace

Ring Concierge Mini Shaker Pendant ($448)

sapphire gemstone baguette ring

My Story Julie Triple Gemstone Baguette Ring ($1750)

sapphire signet ring

Jessica Biales Candy Signet Ring ($3000)

sapphire statement earrings

Jane Kaye Cascade Sapphire Earrings ($3200)


sapphire gemstone ring
My Story
Erica Gemstone Ring With Sapphire ($2585)

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