4 Pavé Engagement Rings for Modern Brides Who Love Extra Sparkle

For modern brides craving plenty of sparkle, pavé engagement rings are the perfect choice. Diamond-encrusted bands and perfectly set halos add extra sparkle to your diamond center stone, making a timeless solitaire setting even more radiant. Our VOW by RC ecollection boasts four striking pavé engagement ring settings that catch the light from every angle.

Head below to learn more about the pavé engagement rings in our VOW by RC collection.

1. Solitaire engagement ring with pavé band

The Lexington is a classic solitaire setting with a delicate diamond-encrusted band.

2. Halo engagement ring with pavé band

For even more sparkle, the Delancey offers a beautiful halo that encompasses the center diamond.

Home Try On Home Try-On Delancey 33284539678808

3. Halo engagement ring

For a more pared-back take on the halo solitaire, the Essex mixes a sparkling halo with a delicate polished band.

Home Try On Home Try-On Essex 33284543250520

4. North-South-East-West engagement ring with pavé band

North-West-East-West prongs remix this classic pavé solitaire.

Lafayette VOW by Ring Concierge round north south east west prongs micropave engagement ring in rose gold. 33281382285400

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