7 October Birthstone Jewelry Gift Ideas

Those born in October are lucky to count opal as their birthstone. Opal's unparalleled iridescence and otherworldly rainbow hues make it a gorgeous gemstone when set in a variety of jewelry pieces. From dainty earrings to oversize organic opal pendants, we've rounded up October birthstone jewelry ideas to celebrate a special occasion or upcoming birthday. Keep scrolling for opal jewelry that will make for the perfect gift.


opal earring
Maria Tash
Opal and Diamond Tiara Stud ($595)

october birthstone necklace

Dana Seng Birthstone Number Necklace in Opal ($698)


opal huggie earring
Maria Tash
Opal and Diamond Single Spike Eternity Huggies ($590)

opal statement earrings

Maria Tash Double Sided Diamond, Turquoise & Opal Earrings ($2540)

opal and diamond band

Jane Kaye Opal and Diamond Band ($5000)

opal flower earring

Maria Tash Opal and Diamond Pansy Studs ($1190)

organic opal necklace

Jane Kaye Organic Opal Necklace ($3000)

For more jewelry gift ideas, here are some of our favorite pieces (all under $500).