11 June Birthstone Jewelry Gift Ideas

June birthstone jewelry is beloved by many women not born in the summer month—but for June birthday girls, pretty pearls adorning their jewelry pieces are even more special. If you're celebrating such a woman, a piece of pearl jewelry is always a smart choice. After all, one can never have too many pearls. The pearls in our collection are modernized by unexpected designs, edgy asymmetry, and eye-catching details. Consider the below lineup the answer to the cool-girl way to wear pearls. Keep scrolling for 11 June birthstone jewelry gift ideas.


pearl chain ring

Yi Collection Pearl Half Chain Ring ($295)

For lovers of chain rings, this half chain ring showcasing a single pearl is a beautiful piece.

pearl hoop earrings

Kelly Bello Balancing Pearl Hoop ($598)

Your everyday hoop earrings can be livened up by this subtle pearl detail that takes the look to the next level.

pearl letter studs


Kelly Bello Mini Mini Pearl & Letter Earrings ($288)

Add some personalization to your everyday pearl stud earrings with initials.

pearl solitaire ring

Jane Kaye Single Pearl Ring ($498)

This modern setting is an edgy alternative to a traditional solitaire gemstone ring.

double pearl ring

Ring Concierge Double Pearl and Diamond Ring ($325)

This lovely ring features two pearls of different sizes for an eye-catching asymmetrical finish.

pearl stone studs

Kelly Bello Pearl & Stone Studs ($240)

Upgrade your pearl stud earrings with some gemstone detailing.



honeycomb pearl ring

Kelly Bello Honeycomb Diamond and Pearl Ring ($1650)

Some unexpected geometry—and black diamonds—make this futuristic two-finger ring a surefire statement.

pearl letter charm

Kelly Bello Pearl & Letter Charm ($330)

A black pearl charm makes a stunning addition to a simple gold chain.

pearl diamond earrings

Ring Concierge Diamond and Pearl Drop Earrings ($348)

These pearl drop earrings are anything but traditional with their diamond-studded bars.


pearl choker

Kelly Bello Pearl Choker ($945)

Strings of pearls are the expected route for a pearl necklace but this choker boasting seven dangling pearls and two at the back is so much more striking.

pearl statement earring

Maria Tash Pearl Coronet Earring ($360)

For fans of maximalism, these statement earrings are a bold way to rock pearls.

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