7 January Birthstone Jewelry Gift Ideas

The New Year is quickly approaching, and whether you're tackling holiday shopping or searching for a birthday present for that special someone born in January, it's never too early to find the perfect gift. To help with your shopping efforts, we've put together a covetable collection of January birthstone jewelry. Available in a variety of colors but most commonly seen in red, garnet is such a durable gemstone that remnants of garnet jewelry can be traced as far back as the Bronze Age. Ancient Egyptians, who saw the stone as the symbol of life, used garnet in their jewelry and also carvings. In our collection, regal red garnet brings brilliant beauty when set in dainty gold rings or delicate necklaces. Below are seven January birthstone jewelry ideas that make for lovely gifts.

garnet gemstone baguette ring

My Story Julia Gemstone Baguette Ring in Garnet ($985)

A single garnet solitaire stands out against a diamond pavé band.

garnet gemstone bar necklace

My Story Bethany Gemstone Necklace in Garnet ($675)

Deep red garnet gemstones make for a striking bar necklace.

Ring Concierge Emerald Cut Garnet Band

Ring Concierge Emerald Cut Garnet Band in Garnet ($498)

Our emerald-cut bands are available in an array of colors, but garnet makes a dramatic statement.

garnet signet ring

My Story Peggy Gemstone Signet Ring in Garnet ($1325)

Garnet adds a gorgeous flash of red to this already regal signet ring.

garnet birthstone number necklace



Dana Seng Birthstone Number Necklace in Garnet ($698)

Personalize your gift with garnet and a special number with this charm necklace.

garnet triple baguette ring

My Story Julie Triple Gemstone Baguette Ring in Garnet ($1130)

For triple the garnet, this gemstone baguette ring makes the red hue take center stage.

My Story Kate Diamond Gemstone Necklace Garnet

My Story Kate Diamond and Gemstone Necklace in Garnet ($1060)

The garnet pops on this diamond band.

Keep shopping for more birthstone jewelry ideas.