Hamsa Hand Jewelry for Luck and Good Fortune

One of this year's biggest jewelry trends was bringing back good vibes in a big way—revisiting ancient amulets that have long stood as iconic symbols of protection. One such symbol we've seen a resurgence of in contemporary jewelry is the Hamsa Hand, a palm-shaped figure depicting an open right hand. Hamsa Hand jewelry can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) and ancient Carthage (modern-day Tunisia). It is an ancient Middle Eastern talisman symbolizing the Hand of God, yet is also known as the Hand of Fatima, the Hand of Mary, the Hand of Miriam, and the Hand of the Goddess. The Hamsa is a protective sign in a number of faiths and is believed by many—especially Jews, Christians, and Muslims—to provide defense against the evil eye. The Hamsa Hand in jewelry most often appears as a pendant on a necklace or bracelet, but however it's worn, it brings its owner luck, health, and good fortune.


hamsa hand necklace

Ring Concierge Diamond + Gemstone Hamsa Necklace ($598)

This diamond-encrusted Hamsa hand features a center stone of either ruby or sapphire.

hamsa hand ring

Ring Concierge Diamond + Sapphire Hamsa Ring ($398)

Wear the protective hand on your own hand with this striking ring.

hamsa hand bracelet

Ring Concierge Diamond Hamsa Bracelet ($198)

For something more pared-down, this minimal Hamsa charm bracelet is a perfect choice for everyday wear.

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