5 Best Fall Jewelry Trends of 2018

Fall will forever be the favorite season of fashion girls. Fashion month gives us a flurry of new looks on the runways and on the streets, the September issue turns a new page in trend forecasting, and who doesn't love an excuse to layer? When it comes to jewelry, fall is the time to go bolder with pieces, moving forward from the delicate mainstays that served us well during the hot sweaty days of summer. Here's a look at our favorite fall jewelry trends of 2018.

As you break in a new pair of ankle boots and layer up in the outerwear you've been eyeing since spring, top off your autumnal look with the fall jewelry pieces everyone's talking about. Be it a maximalist approach that nods to an earlier era or a cool remix on a classic staple, the biggest jewelry trends of fall 2018 are a fashion lover's dream. Scroll below to discover the five best fall jewelry trends of 2018 and shop our favorite pieces.

Cool-girl pearls

Pearls will always be an essential part of any jewelry collection, but they're popping up in an unexpected way this season. We're seeing a break from traditional pearl jewelry—like long strands and simple studs—in favor of more modern takes that make an edgier statement.

double pearl ring

Ring Concierge Double Pearl and Diamond Ring ($325)

The asymmetry makes this fashion-forward pearl number a true showstopper.



pearl hoop earrings

Kelly Bello Balancing Pearl Hoop ($598)

Upgrade your everyday gold hoops with this subtle yet impactful pearl detailing.

pearl solitaire ring

Jane Kaye Single Pearl Ring ($498)

This design turns the simple solitaire ring on its head.

Colorful gemstones

The rainbow jewelry trend made a major splash this summer and colored gemstones are here today. Bright citrine, bold rubies, and a technicolor array of sapphires are adding color to our jewelry collections and are a refreshing departure from classic diamonds.

Ring Concierge Emerald Cut Citrine Band

Ring Concierge Emerald Cut Citrine Band ($498)

Brighten up your day with this punchy citrine band.


Ring Concierge Pink Sapphire Huggie

Ring Concierge Pink Sapphire Huggie ($550)

Pink is always a good idea with these rose-gold beauties.


My Story Senna Ombre Ring

My Story Senna Ombre Ring ($740) 

For an array of color that's more autumnal than the rainbow trend, try this pretty ombre ring.

My Story Peggy Gemstone Signet Ring

My Story Peggy Gemstone Signet Ring ($1325)

The signet ring gets a pop of color by way of a gemstone available in a range of hues.

Everyday enamel

This statement-making material is reintroducing itself in playful ways this season. Add some color with enamel stripes or go more understated with black enamel detailing.

Jessica Biales Classic Signet Ring Rainbow Striped

Jessica Biales Classic Signet Ring Rainbow Striped ($550) 

A fall take on summer's rainbow trend.

Jessica Biales Heart Cuff

Jessica Biales Heart Cuff ($2420)

Black enamel pops against this thin gold bracelet.

Jessica Biales Striped Pendant

Jessica Biales Striped Pendant ($400)

A fresh way to wear the nautical trend.

Jessica Biales Saxony Block Signet Ring

Jessica Biales Saxony Block Signet Ring ($2420)

Stripes of color never looked cooler.

Everything '80s

The '80s aesthetic is back in a big way for jewelry this fall. A decided departure from dainty designs, eye-catching '80s-inspired pieces are providing a hefty dose of maximalism to the lineup.

Ring Concierge Horizontal Baguette Bangle

Ring Concierge Horizontal Baguette Bangle ($2495)

Bangles are the perfect way to rock the '80s trend without committing to it.

mini heart solitaire ring

Luna Skye Mini Heart Solitaire Ring ($1600)

Here's a '80s-inspired charm ring you'll want to wear every day.

Jane Kaye Suspended Round Hoops

Jane Kaye Suspended Round Hoops ($998)

Oversize statement earrings are back with the '80s trend, and this iteration of the classic gold hoops is ready for a night out.

Stacks of gold

Going bold with gold is the preferred approach to accessorizing this season, especially with wrist, ring, or necklace stacks. Pieces boasting thicker designs are becoming popular and layering them makes them even more eye-catching.

Maya J Double Band Ring

Maya J Double Band Ring ($698)

Wear this to get the illusion of stacking with just one ring.



Susan Highsmith Ocean Wave Medallion Necklace

Susan Highsmith Ocean Wave Medallion Necklace ($1200)

Medallion necklaces are as popular as ever and look best when layered.

Rachel Katz Dagger Cuff

Rachel Katz Dagger Cuff ($1300)

A high-polished gold cuff looks great stacked or worn solo.


Chunky chains

Along with the more daring styles mentioned above, chunky chains are cropping up as a bolder alternative to barely-there numbers. These pieces stand out when mixed in with fall layers like cable knit sweaters and oversize scarves. 

Ring Concierge Diamond Chain Bracelet

Ring Concierge Diamond Chain Bracelet ($3080)

This diamond-bedecked chunky chain delivers tons of sparkle.

Jane Kaye Curb Link Band

Jane Kaye Curb Link Band ($3200)

A unique design that balances the edginess of a curb link with the beauty of diamonds.

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