3 East-West Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride

For the bride-to-be seeking a unique engagement ring design that breaks the mold and is sure to be a conversation starter for years to come, east-west engagement rings are a gorgeous choice. The unusual design is instantly striking in a variety of diamond shapes, remixing the traditional solitaire engagement ring by turning the design sideways. We can create the exact design you have in mind, like the bezel-set east-west engagement ring below, blending two unique twists for a beautiful result.

Keep scrolling to see three of our favorite east-west engagement ring designs.

1. Sideways oval engagement ring

Oval engagement rings boast a beautiful spread which looks just as stunning when positioned in an east-west setting. A horizontally placed oval offers tremendous wow factor—a modern, fashion-forward take on the classic solitaire.

2. Sideways cushion engagement ring

Depending on the cushion-cut diamond's ratio, a sideways cushion engagement ring can be a subtler take on the east-west design. The coveted chunky facets of a cushion look just as spectacular when set horizontally.

3. Sideways marquise engagement ring

The shape of a marquise diamond lends itself perfectly to an east-west engagement ring setting. The marquise's two points beautifully narrow toward the ring's band, making it balanced to the eye. This delicate design dials up the romance.

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