The Ring Concierge Diamond Color and Clarity Guide

You've likely heard about the four Cs of diamonds: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These four attributes are the most important when determining which diamonds meet your particular preferences and standards. Here, we've put together a cut and clarity guide to help you in the decision-making process.

Diamond Color Ranges

The GIA does not regard color as a quality indicator, yet it's still something to understand and be aware of when shopping for the perfect diamond. When it comes to assessing color, antique diamonds are different from modern diamonds. At Ring Concierge, we work from the colorless range through the faint range for antique diamonds. This is because they face up at least two colors whiter due to their larger facets and are more rare in general so opening up the color range more provides us with the most options to show our clients.

Bridal Engagement Rings The 'Signature Antique' Engagement Ring

Diamond Clarity Ranges

The GIA grades for clarity under 10x magnification and this grade tells us how likely inclusions will be visible to the naked eye. We can work with lower clarity grades without it being aesthetically noticeable, meaning the stones look as if they’re VS+ to the naked eye. Working lower in clarity allows us to focus the budget on color and size—the two more aesthetically noticeable qualities.

Emerald Cut Split Shank Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge

Which diamonds hide clarity?

If you're most interested in a diamond that will hide clarity, any diamond with a brilliant cut is your best bet. This includes rounds, ovals, cushions, radiants, Old Mine cuts, Old European cuts, pears and princess cuts.

Bridal Engagement Rings Oval with Pave Band Engagement Ring
Bridal Engagement Rings Round Brilliant Tapered Baguette Side Stone Engagement Ring
Bridal Engagement Rings Old European Cut Bezel Set Engagement Ring
Bridal Engagement Rings Pear with Pave Band Engagement Ring

Which diamonds show clarity?

Any diamond with a step cut shows clarity faster. This includes emeralds and Asscher cuts.

Asscher with Pave Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge
Emerald with Epaulette Side Stones Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge
Emerald Cut Trapezoid Side Stone Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge
Emerald Cut Pave Band Engagement Ring - Ring Concierge

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