5 December Birthstone Jewelry Gift Ideas

December traditionally has not one, not two, but three birthstones: tanzanite, zircon and turquoise. December birthstone jewelry is particularly striking with these radiant gemstones bound to keep winter blues at bay. All known for their beautiful blue color, these three December birthstones span history. Zircon is the oldest-known mineral on earth (a 4.4 billion-year-old zircon was found in Jack Hills, Australia), turquoise is one of the first stones mined to be used in jewelry, and tanzanite is one of the most recently discovered gemstones. Here, we've rounded up five gift-worthy pieces that boast bold shocks of turquoise—perfect for a special occasion or sweet gift for no reason. Keep scrolling for December birthstone jewelry ideas.

December birthstone initial ring

Dana Seng Birthstone Initial Ring in Turquoise ($698)

birthstone initial bracelet

Dana Seng Birthstone Initial Bracelet in Turquoise ($698)

 turquoise gemstone earrings

Liven Gemstone Halo Earrings ($425)

diamond turquoise evil eye bracelet

Ring Concierge Diamond and Turquoise Evil Eye Bracelet ($1250)

turquoise statement earring

Maria Tash Double Sided Aspara Diamond, Turquoise and Opal Earrings ($2540)