Why Bezel-Set Engagement Rings Are Fashion-Forward and Unexpected

Bezel set engagement rings are a distinctive choice that's modern and unexpected. Their sleek design and clean curves make them decidedly fashion-forward and yet still infused with a timeless feel. We introduced a beautiful bezel engagement ring to our bridal collection that features an Old European cut diamond center stone bezel set in gold. What exactly is a bezel set engagement ring? A bezel setting surrounds the stone's girdle—its widest point—with a thin metal band to create a perfectly smooth edge, rather than prongs, to hold the diamond in place.

In addition to the modern fashionable flair this style of ring imparts, there are several advantages to having a bezel set engagement ring. Bezel settings tend to be more secure than their pronged counterparts, so are appealing to women with active lifestyles. The border of lustrous metal in a bezel set engagement ring can also make the diamond appear larger. Bezel settings can also help to hide a gemstone's visible defects like chips or inclusions—though they can be more difficult to clean, so extra care is needed.

While some bezel designs—known as full bezel settings—completely wrap the diamond in metal, dulling its brilliance, our design keeps much of the diamond exposed, allowing light to filter through the diamond and enhance its sparkle.

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