The Best Accent Stone Engagement Rings for Extra Spread and Sparkle

For the woman looking for a little more sparkle, accent stone engagement rings are a gorgeous choice. A departure from the classic solitaire featuring a single diamond on a band, these designs maximize the spread (and sparkle) of your ring with diamond side stones. Whether it be a cluster diamond design or a classic three-stone engagement ring, accent stone rings come in a variety of settings for every style. Our VOW by RC collection boasts accent stone rings to suit every style.

Head below to see these head-turning side-stone designs.

1. Emerald with trapezoid side stones

One of the most classic accent stone engagement ring settings, an emerald cut with trapezoid side stones is an all-time favorite at Ring Concierge. The Uptown is pure sophistication with the clean lines and subtle shine of its step-cut diamonds.

2. Antique-style diamond with antique-inspired details

The accent stones are super subtle in our antique-inspired Park setting. The delicate details of the side stones look especially gorgeous when paired with antique-style rounds and antique-style cushion-cut diamonds.

3. Round brilliant three-stone engagement ring

For a statement look, the Bowery features a round brilliant diamond flanked by two more rounds. This striking design offers extra finger coverage, resulting in a beautiful spread.

4. Cluster diamond engagement ring

For something more delicate, the Tribeca is a romantic cluster ring adorned with a trio of diamonds on each side of the center diamond, providing an extra pop of sparkle.

5. Pear illusion side stones

The Waverly is a delicate take on the pear side-stone engagement ring, with a duo of diamonds on each side of the center diamond to give the illusion of pear side stones. This elegant number looks especially beautiful with round or oval center diamonds.

6. Tapered baguette side stones

For a sleek and modern look, the Gramercy engagement ring features tapered baguette accent stones that draw the eye to the center diamond.

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