15 April Birthstone Jewelry Gift Ideas

April birthday girls may be the luckiest of all since they're blessed with a birthstone that's our all-time favorite. Yes, diamonds are a girl's best friend—especially if you're born in the fourth month of the year. For that reason, April birthstone jewelry is pretty much any piece in our collection that's bedecked in diamonds. But to make your gift-giving efforts easier, we've narrowed down a roundup of some of our favorite diamond pieces. Diamonds are the symbol of everlasting love, but they're also believed to bring courage and protect their wearer from negative energies. Born in April or not, anyone can appreciate a jewelry gift that boasts diamonds. Scroll below for 19 April birthstone jewelry gifts you'll want to keep for yourself.

diamond bezel chain ring

Maya J. Diamond Bezel Chain Ring ($199)

It doesn't get more dainty that this pretty diamond chain ring.

mini letter ring

Kelly Bello Mini Letter Ring ($155)

Adorable personalization with diamond detailing.

diamond trio studs
Ring Concierge
 Diamond Trio Studs ($175)

These sparkling studs look beautiful on everyone.

My Story Bethany Gemstone Necklace in Diamond

My Story Bethany Gemstone Necklace in Diamond ($995)

Five diamonds take the show in this modern bar necklace.


disk chain ring
Ring Concierge
 Disk Chain Ring ($195)

This on-trend chain ring is a dainty way to make a statement.

mini letter stud

Kelly Bello Mini Letter Stud ($85)

A mini piece that makes a big statement.

single diamond hamsa bracelet

Ring Concierge Single Diamond Hamsa Bracelet ($198)

Offer protection and good fortune with this Hamsa Hand bracelet.

floating diamond wrap ring

Ring Concierge Floating Diamond Wrap Ring ($440)

Three floating diamonds make triple the statement.

Dana Seng Birthstone Initial Necklace Diamond

Dana Seng Birthstone Initial Necklace in Diamond ($698)

Double the personalization.

diamond evil eye ring

Ring Concierge Cut-Out Evil Eye Diamond Ring ($298)

A beautiful simple and subdued iteration of the evil eye.

diamond baguette stackable ring

Ring Concierge Diamond Baguette Stackable Ring ($175)

For an elegant twist on the simple solitaire.

mini diamond studs

Kelly Bello Mini Diamond Stud ($175)

A classic pair of bezel studs.

My Story Kate Diamond Gemstone Necklace

My Story Kate Diamond and Gemstone Necklace in Diamond ($1460)

A striking asymmetrical take on the classic diamond bar necklace.

diamond crescent moon ring

Ring Concierge Diamond Crescent Moon Ring ($448)

A celestial stunner.

mini letter chain ring

Kelly Bello Mini Letter Chain Ring ($130)

The popular chain ring with a personal touch.

diamond heart ring

Ring Concierge Diamond Heart Ring ($464)

A diamond-studded heart never looked so good.

Ring Concierge Single Diamond Bezel Bracelet

Ring Concierge Single Diamond Bezel Bracelet ($248)

A simple but stunning jewelry staples.

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